Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's A New Year But

I still haven't processed half the photos I took in 2011. But I've now nearly worked my way through June.

So, unsurprisingly, you folks will be seeing summer shots from this corner for quite some time. Maybe you won't mind so terribly if you're in wintry climes.

I'm a huge fan of dragonflies. They are aerodynamic marvels who eat mosquitoes, deer flies and other bugs that eat people. Godbless'em.

They come in lots of colours.

Including red.

And white & brown. The one above almost disappeared into the rock on which it perched. Only the brown spots ruined its camoflage.

I don't usually fiddle with much post-production stuff but in the next pic, I played with the saturation and hue a little. It didn't affect the dragonfly too much, but I like what it did to the wood of the dock.

Next up, a clever bunny renders itself invisible by standing still. (No wonder they provide lunch for so many predators.)

The next two pics are titled "Peas & Thank You."

What follows is not one of my sharpest photos but I like the colours.

This next fellow was caught enjoying a bask at the pond near Hilary's.

I am charmed by chickadees. I flat-out love these little birds. They have an abundance of wonderful qualities all out of proportion to their tiny size. I find them difficult to photograph, though. They are constantly flitting and their black eyes often disappear within their black caps. I'm always happy when I get a shot of one and I can see his eyes.

I'll bid the old year adieu with a pic of one of the young cardinals which graced my backyard for several weeks this summer. They were as cute as cute could be.

Hope the next 12 months are great ones for you and yours (and chockful of photo opportunities for us camera jockeys).