Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I processed a few more shots taken last fall and it was pretty easy to come up with a theme.

Without a whole lot of further ado....

The rusty old wheelbarrow below has been at the family cottage for ages. It often catches my photographer's fancy, especially in early and late light, or even, as in this case, when rain-soaked on a dull day.

These leaves appear to be nestling against the gnarled trunk for warmth.

I'm old school. I think black and white are colours. (If this puss was mine, I'd call him "Smudge.")

The fence below circles much of the pond near Hilary's place. It's a new addition and has aroused mixed feelings among the locals. I'd druther it was never erected. But I won't turn down a shot when I see one. And like the leaf trapped below, the fence has served up a nice photo or three.

Although a tad under-exposed, I like the jewel-like tones of some of the colours in the following shot. And yes, there's that fence again, lurking in the background.

The dead tree in this next photo is a favourite subject of mine and Hilary's. There is a grandeur to its slow decay. Each month or two, a new branch is lost or broken but the main tree continues to stand. I salute it in the only way I can.

The soft, pastel tones of the maple leaves below are something of a rarity in my experience.

More often, they look like these:

Like an aging Hollywood goddess, the rose below clings fiercely to her fading glory, despite November's approach.

I guess that'll do 'til next time. Hope you enjoyed.

PS - Thanks to all who have joined The Nest. I hope to see more of you take the plunge.