Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cute Critters

Youngsters of just about any species are cute. (Note I said "youngsters" rather than "babies" or "newborns." Many babies, especially newborns, are butt-ugly. Sorry Moms. It's true.)

I had the pleasure, during much of July and August, of witnessing the coming-of-age of a pair of young cardinals. They're siblings, and often squabbled, as sibs will do. But they're just as cute as cute can be. Evidence follows.

Wasn't lying, was I? I think she's a girl-bird. In the following pic, her brother (pretty sure he's a male) is playing a little peek-a-boo on a lattice.

Here's a little better look at him.

Next up, a young, speckled robin just beginning to develop his/her blushing breast.

Now for a canine cutie, peering somewhat forlornly from behind a fence.

Did you know squirrels eat apples? Now you do.

I happen to live with what is possibly The King Of Cute. Uh-huh. You know what's coming don't you?

Here's Ben, intently guarding against his sworn enemy, the aforementioned apple-eating squirrel.

Here's Ben, checking to make certain his diligence is being noted.

In the next one, the rascal has absconded with Son #1's water bottle and keeps a wary eye out lest the previous owner dare try to reclaim it.

And although the final couple of shots leave much to be desired from a focusing and framing standpoint, they do illustrate Ben's craziness (and yeah, it's often cute too.)

When he needs exercise and nobody wants to walk him, we've developed a few alternatives. One favourite activity is killing bubbles. As a bonus, he gets to defy gravity.

That one wasn't high enough.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time.