Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cute Critters

Youngsters of just about any species are cute. (Note I said "youngsters" rather than "babies" or "newborns." Many babies, especially newborns, are butt-ugly. Sorry Moms. It's true.)

I had the pleasure, during much of July and August, of witnessing the coming-of-age of a pair of young cardinals. They're siblings, and often squabbled, as sibs will do. But they're just as cute as cute can be. Evidence follows.

Wasn't lying, was I? I think she's a girl-bird. In the following pic, her brother (pretty sure he's a male) is playing a little peek-a-boo on a lattice.

Here's a little better look at him.

Next up, a young, speckled robin just beginning to develop his/her blushing breast.

Now for a canine cutie, peering somewhat forlornly from behind a fence.

Did you know squirrels eat apples? Now you do.

I happen to live with what is possibly The King Of Cute. Uh-huh. You know what's coming don't you?

Here's Ben, intently guarding against his sworn enemy, the aforementioned apple-eating squirrel.

Here's Ben, checking to make certain his diligence is being noted.

In the next one, the rascal has absconded with Son #1's water bottle and keeps a wary eye out lest the previous owner dare try to reclaim it.

And although the final couple of shots leave much to be desired from a focusing and framing standpoint, they do illustrate Ben's craziness (and yeah, it's often cute too.)

When he needs exercise and nobody wants to walk him, we've developed a few alternatives. One favourite activity is killing bubbles. As a bonus, he gets to defy gravity.

That one wasn't high enough.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time.


  1. We both boarded the cute train, today. Love seeing those baby Cards again - they turned out great. And of course Benito is always a hoot. I was just sorting through some photos of his levitation act - to be posted semi-soonish. Is that other little cutie pooch one of the yappy twins on the other side of my pond? Fun photos.

  2. I think Bennie should have played Underdog in the movie. He already knows how to fly, and we all know he has mastered the freneticism required of the hero in all good action flicks.

  3. You guys must have got together over this cuteness thing, which is very cute if you ask me.

  4. These are wonderful, Frank. I knew that squirrels ate crab apples, but yours is tackling a full-sized one. The white dog looking through the fence is adorable, too. And Benny...there are no words.

  5. Of course squirrels eat apples. We used to feed our pet squirrel all of our apple cores, and Sweetie still feeds his to the outdoor squirrels. A scientific study showed that a squirrel's favorite food is -- whatever piece of food is closeest to it.

    Love seeing Benny defy gravity.

  6. - Hil, maybe NOW you'll grant that great minds think alike? ;)

    - LOL, Charlie. I can also see Ben in a 70s-style Kung Fu action movie.

    - Coincidence, Anvil. I think.

    - Glad you enjoyed, Linda. :)

    - Messymimi, I guess most wild critters will eat whatever nature provides. Makes sense.

    Thanks, all, for taking the time to visit and drop a line.

  7. Squirrels eat potatoes, too. Frank, those are awfully darned cute critters. And thank you for your tell it like it is opening. Yes, some newborns are butt-ugly.

  8. Good thing you're around to take the pics of Bennie. Dennis Hopper would have been appropriate, but he's left us.

  9. Lovely shots of the baby birdies. I love the little ones too. And Benny is always so photogenic, and quite the lovable rascal.

  10. - Potatoes too eh, Leah? There's my something new for today. Thanks. :)

    - Dennis could probably get higher than Ben, I agree, Cay.

    - Thank you, Linda. :)

  11. Benny is definitely the definition of cuteness. I've had cardinals nesting in my yard for years but have never seen their young - thanks for the close-ups. The squirrels here raid my compost bin for corncobs - someday I'll try to get a shot of one attempting to climb a tree with a cob spouting out of either side of its mouth! Not necessarily cute but good for a laugh.

  12. Always fun to stop by here;) I cannot get enough of Benny. And I never noticed how perfect his black spot is! Looks painted on!

  13. there's a song in 'Wicked' called Defy Gravity
    perhaps Benny needs a theme song

    I love the little birds when they have mohawks

    and of course any shot of Benny is a delight!!

  14. - The critters are a hoot to watch, aren't they, Pauline?

    - MPM, I would've named him "Spot" if he hadn't already been dubbed by the time I got him.

    - I love those mohawks too, Dianne. Especially when they're askew, like they slept on them funny and woke up with Nesthead.

    Thanks for the visits, folks. Sorry for the delayed response. Still gallivanting these days. :)

  15. Frank, those baby Cardinals are so cute! Well shot.