Saturday, January 11, 2014

LIke A Bad Penny

I keep showing up now and again. This time with a few pics from 2013.

Here's a shot of the lake side of the new house.

A few weeks later...

You may note that "someone," hoping for a return of semi-non-frigid fishing weather, left his boat out too long. We had to smash ice in order to get it out of the water. What a maroon!

For a few weeks we enjoyed watching the little lady below, and her kin, before the cold weather sent them south.

Did you know chipmunks nibble on rose leaves?

Now you do.

Those of you with tender sensibilities may want to put your hands over your eyes and just peek at this next one through a crack in your fingers. I really had no choice but to title it, "Buggery."

I titled this next one: "Look Ma! No wings!"

Jays are great subjects, being relatively comfortable with human proximity. And they're handsome rascals.

Light is every photographer's friend. But even flat, dull days can sometimes present interesting, moody shots.

Time for a purdy flower.

Or two.

I'll close this go-round with Son #1's reply to the question: "Any fish in that lake?"

Thanks for your visit. See you next time.