Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oooooo...Pretty Colours! And Stuff.

Before I inflict my latest batch of photo fodder on you poor folks, I want to extend a public "Thank-ee Ma'am" to Hilary for spiffing up this blog. I get the vapours when confronted with templates and margins and that sort of thing. Luckily for me, she does not. Thanks, Hil.

As mentioned previously, I'm still wading through summer shots. Here come da latest batch.

I think I would have ignored this first pic if I hadn't noticed the jet's contrail. The sunset (by cottage standards) is just so-so. But the pic illustrates a world where a couple of guys can fish quietly at dusk while thousands of feet above them, folks are hurtling off to god-knows-where. Same world, way-different realities.

I like frogs. Their metamorphosis is amazing. And they are the canaries in the mindshafts of our environment. Their porous skins make them susceptible to atmospheric and aquatic anomalies. If something is wrong in a particular ecosystem, frogs are often the first to indicate it.

All this healthy fellow below is demonstrating, is how well he's mastered the art of camoflage.

No intro for the next shot. But I have a caption below it!

"Anybody seen that dang dog?"

Next up, how about a pretty flower?

I featured a pic of Hilary's wrist bling a while back. But apparently I took another shot some time later, and darned if I don't like it too. So, have a deja view.

What caught my eye on the next shot was the vivid splash of orange sky which offset the near-monochromatic aspect of the lower two thirds.

While playing with my macro (and still buffaloed by some of its subtleties) I came across this interesting, little green fellow. I have no idea what kind of bug it is. It was perhaps an inch long. Nifty, though.

There's no dearth of fine sunsets in cottage country. (I used to be able to vouch for the spiffy sunrises too. But now I'm too old and lazy to get up that early.) This next one, with its fiery sky, offered a treat-per-minute as the Creator played with his palette.

That evening, Hil and I and my brother-in-law Evan, shot a zillion photos. (Evan is a pro photographer with his own business, Magic Portraits.) In the next shot, I shoot the photographers as they go about their business.

I am going to wrap up this entry with what might very well be the first photograph of its kind - ever. Yep. Of all the umpteen quadrabazillions of photos ever taken, I believe this next one is unique.

Brace yourselves, good people.

Yes. I caught a grasshopper reading a book. Who'da' thunk it?