Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back In God's Country

In my lexicon, "God's Country" means there's lots of trees, rocks and water -- which pretty much describes much of Canada. And it certainly describes the family cottage which has been part of the Baron domain since 1968.

Hilary and I were there earlier this summer and what follows is some of the photographic evidence.

If you're a regular at Hilary's blog, you're familiar with a certain brightly-coloured hammock my sister and her husband bought for cottage use. Over the years its colours have faded but Mother Nature rejuvenates it periodically. Rain has a way of super-saturating colours and when the sun re-emerges, the effect is often magical. (It rained a LOT on that particular visit.)

Here are two shots of the hammock which I particularly liked.

Most sunset photos taken at the cottage are loving homages to the Creator's palette - a riot of orange, red, yellow, purple and magenta. The one that follows is a little different. (I DID mention the rain....)

In between cloudbursts, we had a few visitors.

This fellow found something extremely nibble-worthy and didn't mind a bit if he had an audience.

One of these visits, I'm going to get a terrific shot of a hummingbird. Until then, this one will have to do.

This green-eyed mosquito hunter took a shine to Hilary's shoe.

And her jeans...

On grey days, the aluminum boat almost merges with the metallic sheen of water and sky. As a result, other colours stand out.

When the sun breaks through in late afternoon it brushes everything with gold.

We'll close this edition with a shot of Hilary demonstrating what cottage time means to many - relaxing with a good book.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual visit. Let's do it again sometime.


  1. Okay.. how about next week?

    A while back, I posted a shot of that same dragonfly on my leg, from my own point of view. It's kind of cool to see this other perspective. Lovely, familiar shots. I'm looking forward to acquiring more with you. :)

  2. Beautiful images, Frank. I do like the different perspective on the dragonfly. And who can resist the cuteness of a chipmunk, which you captured so well. As for the hummingbird, I'd be thrilled to get a shot as good as the one you did. Now, I want to know if Hilary was rereading her favorite book on fishing. :)

  3. Nothing like having two books going at once.

    Well, i'm sold, how much do you charge visitors to rent the place for a few days?LOL

  4. Great shots. Don't you just love the shadows cast by the late afternoon sun, and the way it illuminates the trees?

    Your little chipmunk friend cooperated nicely. The ones around here are very skittish - except for the one who sat on the step while Sophie pummeled the door from the inside.

  5. You have some neat accoutrements at the cottage: bright hammock and very neat hummer feeder. A nice set of pics.

  6. What lovely shots - so full of sunlight!

  7. - Sounds like a plan, Hil. :)

    - Thanks, Linda. Hilary "claims" to have read the book you mention but every time I ask her (for instance) "What's the 8th line on page 114?" - she never knows. So, I suspect she fibbed.

    - messymimi, it IS quite amazing what some folks get per/week, renting their cottage out. We've never been seriously tempted because it's shared by five families and is rarely vacant from spring 'til winter. But...make me an offer.... ;)

    - Thank you, Linda. Yep, I'm a huge fan of late afternoon/early evening light. It makes everything look special.

    - Thanks, Leah.

    - Thank you, ellen.

    - Thanks, Anvilcloud.

    - Mercy buckets, ladyfi.

    Thanks all, for taking the time. It's darn decent of you.

  8. The humming bird shot seems pretty terrific to me. Love the chipmunk as well. :)

  9. I came over from Hillary's blog...amazing photos for sure! Loved them all!

  10. I followed the link from Hilary's blog and it's a real surprise to find a great blog. Great shots of times at the lake.

  11. Loverly, Frank. Right on time, too ... we just had a couple of rainy days here as well, only this rain deposited a frosting of snow on the mountaintops. Just mother nature's way out here of telling kids it's time to get back to school. :)

  12. What a heavenly place. I think I'd take up permanent residence...

  13. Trees, rocks and water - sounds like heaven to me. That third photo of the rain clouds is gorgeous. And the hammock? If I came to visit, you'd have to forcibly tip me out...

  14. the dragonfly shots are amazing!!
    and you have captured that wonderful glow of late day sun so wonderfully, I love that light

    all so beautiful

  15. - Glad you do, Elizabeth. Thanks for letting me know.

    - Thanks, yaya. :)

    - Thank you, Red.

    - Yikes, Charlie. Hope that white stuff stays away from this area for a couple/three months.

    - I've dreamed of doing likewise, Mama. :)

    - Thanks, Reb.

    - Wouldn't dream of tipping you out, Pauline. Unless, of course, it was my turn for the hammock.... ;)

    - Dragonflies ARE darned amazing, Dianne. I love photographing them. Glad you liked. :)

    Thanks all, for taking the time. Sorry for the delayed response. I've been away. (And am heading back to the cottage again tomorrow.)

  16. Thank you for taking us along Frank :-)

  17. From Hilary's blog to your's... the magic continues. Love the shot of the chipmunk!

  18. Beautiful photos but I especially love seeing Hilary for a change!

  19. - Happy to, Anyes. Thanks for the visit. :)

    - Thanks, Daniel.

    - Thank you, Barbara. Yeah, she's always nice to look at. :)

    Sorry for the delayed response. I'm still in gallivanting mode these days.