Friday, July 22, 2011

Further Fodder

This robin seemed curious but supremely unconcerned about the device being aimed at him.

I liked the moody look that nighttime brought to the front entrance of Hilary's neighbour's house.

The insect below was only about the size of a quarter. I thought its colouration was striking against the green of the fern.

I sure didn't notice until I uploaded the photo but if you look closely, you'll see a mosquito attached to the little fellow below.

Cardinals make beautiful couples.

And bold, brassy bluejays are always great subjects.

Call me crazy, but females of many species seem to acquire a certain serene, maternal loveliness when their babes are young. I think the mallard below illustrates my point. When I took the shot, she was keeping an eye on her youngsters as they swam nearby.

Late afternoon light, leaking through drawn curtains, made this collection of knickknacks in Hilary's living room irresistible to my lens.

Got lots more but I don't want to exhaust your patience. They'll keep for another day. I'll close with a shot of Ben "helping" a young lady with car-washing duties.


  1. These turned out beautifully. I absolutely love the little winged insect on the fern. Great robin, jay and chipper shots. And of course, who wouldn't love that loon in the last image?

  2. Frank, your fotography is fenomenal!

  3. These are all wonderful Frank. The little insect on the fern is very pretty.

  4. Phantastic! I really loved the one of the door. Good work, Phrank!

  5. Excellent work. I love Chipper and the mosquito.

  6. I've scrolled through these several times, trying to pick a favorite. Can't do it. They're all wonderful. I'm so jealous. I spotted the mosquito on the chipmunk's nose, even before I saw your comment on the photo. The detail on that, as well as the others, was so sharp. The image of the doorway was made all the more interesting by the offsetting color of the flowers. Very nice set of images.

  7. Wow - look what happens when you give a good writer a good camera - and he has a good eye! Gonna get me a third job and earn a camera with a zoom lens! The light-oriented shots are particularly lovely but the close up of birds and animals are entrancing.

  8. A very nice collection. You can keep the fodder coming.

  9. The bug on the fern is amazing -- i wouldn't mind having that as a background on my computer!

  10. Before addressing you kind folks, I should explain that some people are notified of my posts via email. In that email, I played with the spelling of Phrank - hence the "fancy" spelling by some.

    - Hil, I'm glad you like. :)

    - MG, I know you're darn handy with a lens, so I very much appreciate your comment. :)

    - Thanks, Reb. Glad you enjoyed.

    - Thanks, Wruth. :)

    - Thanks, Charlee. ;)

    - Leah, that's probably my favourite too - if only for the serendipity factor.

    - Thank you, Linda. You can review my work anytime. ;)

    - Pauline, if I didn't have so darn much to be modest about, I think you could give me a swelled head. Thanks. ;)

    - Thanks, AC. I'll do that.

    - Feel free to borrow any image you like, mimi. :)

    Thanks all, for taking the time. I appreciate it.

  11. Great shots, all! And I just love that Benny!

  12. GREAT PHOTOS....

    awful mosquito.....i really hate them so much.

  13. Thank you Mental P. :)

    Thanks, beth. I'm not overly fond of 'em either. But I've been bitten so often over the years that I no longer have a reaction to them. Apparently, all it takes is a few decades and several thousand bites. :)

  14. Hil mentioned in her last post that you got her into blogging so I want to thank you for that :)

    I love the bug nosed squirrel and the cardinals who look like they're arguing over who has the remote and the rather quizical look on the first bird

    and of course Benny levitating is always a treat!!

  15. Superb photos, birds and all sorts.

  16. Benny is always a sucker for the water, and is a most excellent subject. Of course, I love the bird shots, too. Those closeups are fantastic. You and Hilary make a great team.

  17. Ack! I dunno how I missed responding to these last three comments! Sorry...

    Dianne, you're welcome. I do think my prodding added to the sum total of Good Stuff on the Interweb. (Of course, she'll be quick to say she poked me to start an emailed humour column that turned into a blog....)

    Thank you, Bob. I've seen a couple of your photos (and hope to see many, many more) and know you're a wonderful photographer. I hope to learn much from your shots.

    Thanks, Linda. You are as perceptive as you are no-doubt lovely and intelligent. :)