Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Early Shots

I did the photographic version of running amok when I got the camera and lenses. I took thousands of shots in the first two weeks. Unfortunately, it was well before Hilary tweaked the eyeglass-wearer's adjustment knob thingy. Until then, what I thought was in focus, usually wasn't. Ergo, my ratio of decent shots in those early weeks was pretty dismal.

With that caveat out of the way, here's some of the early birds (literally, in some instances).

This furry fellow and his/her family have taken up residence near my house. They enjoy birdseed which abounds at Chez Baron. More pics of chippers will come in the days ahead.

One of my neighbours always has a beautiful floral garden in her front yard. What follows is a pic of a portion of her tulip bed.

Before tulips are too much of a distant memory, here's two more shots I liked.


This sparrow regards his domain.

The starling below has snared a nice, juicy grub. At least, I imagine that starlings would find them nice and juicy.

Although I hope to get a better one sooner or later, the following shot is the closest I've come to a crisp picture of a soaring turkey vulture.

Again, not a crisp shot, but my chances at Baltimore Oriole pics are few and far between. I was just happy to get him in the frame.

What are YOU lookin' at?

I'll wrap up with a pic of Ben doing one of the things he does best: defy gravity.

Hope you liked some of the early returns. And I hope you'll stay along for the ride as the equipment and I get to know each other better.


  1. My favourites are the chipper and the starling.. and of course, Ben. Some decent first shots, and I know there are more beauties to come.

    And you did a good job with the blog design.. atta boy! ;)

  2. Never before has a deranged dog been captured in full derange so effectively. Congratulations to the technology and the technician.

  3. I just wanted to pet and cuddle the little chipmunk guy, till I remembered he might bite me. Nice to see Benny again.

  4. Hurrah! Lovely pics - and I look forward to seeing more. Will your other two blogs be continuing as well? And how about the book about Ben?
    Regards, Sally (aka Maud!)

  5. Lovely pics and I also look forward to more!~ Diane

  6. Count me in as another enjoyer and anticipator. Please keep them coming, Frank!

  7. What are you feeding Benny?

    Your tulips there are recent? Seems like forever ago since ours were in bloom.

  8. Thanks, Hil. High praise indeed, coming from a top-notch designer. :)

    Thanks, Cay. Ben will be appearing on this stage fairly often. Or at least hovering in the vicinity.

    Nice to see YOU again, Kels. :)

    Hiya Sally/Maud. I'm glad you like them. And yep, I'll keep the other two going. I haven't worked on Walking With Benny for a while but it's probably 60% done. Creator willing, I'll spend some time on it this winter. I appreciate your interest. (Howcum the name change?)

    Thanks, Diane. :)

    Thank you, Lori. I've already got enough pics for a half-dozen posts. Won't be running out of material for a while. :)

  9. Hiya Pam. Your comment snuck in while I was addressing the others. :)

    The tulips were in May, when I first got my camera. Yours probably pop up in March, way down yonder in Blue Grass territory.

    And Ben mostly eats Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. ;)

  10. I have four words: Bee you tea full! (Sue jes lurvs the chipmunk!)

  11. You and Hilary capture nature in its finest - that chipmunk is too cute for words! Looking forward to seeing more "developments."

  12. Happy to meet you Frank, I did not know you had a Blog.
    Between you and Hilary I think you have the wild life covered, and beautifully too.

  13. I tried my nephew's 7d not too long ago, but he had he set up primarily for video, and I could never get the thing set up properly in my brief exposure (so to speak). There's certainly a learning curve from my present 6.3 Digital Rebel. Someday, I will upgrade -- hopefully sooner than later.

  14. I like it in here! Love that Benny! Love them all....

  15. Wow! These are great, Frank. You make me drool for a DSLR camera, but then I'd be so disappointed if I spent all that money and had to hire a lackey to carry the thing for me and still didn't get the kind of images that you and Hilary do. So, for now at least, I'll just sit back and enjoy yours.

  16. Frank, those are some damned fine pics. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the world through your lens.

  17. signing up for the duration - give a good man a good lens...

  18. I like I like! Great photos ... look forward to more when you return!

  19. Awesome photos .. now I am aching for a longer lens and someone to carry it for me ...

  20. You and Hilary are quite the pair with your fancy cameras and all.

  21. Fabulous shots - that last one of Benny is just a delight!

  22. Frank, those are wonderful shots. I look forward to seeing many many more!

  23. What has happened by you hooking up with the camera and lenses is magic.

  24. Wow. Great shots here. Love that one of Benny!

  25. The 4th one speaks volumes to me on many levels...

  26. Benny!!
    with a maniacal look on his face
    who can ask for anything more

    all beautiful
    the tulips against stone wall and the bird in flight are amazing

  27. Goodness gracious! Only one thing can account for such a deluge of comments: Hilary, the Oprah of the Blogosphere, must have linked to my blog. ;)

    - Thanks, Charlie. Glad Sue peeked over your shoulder too. :)

    - Thank you, ethelmae.

    - Thank you, Moannie.

    - AC, the Rebel is a nice camera. Your familiarity with it will help a lot if/when you step up. Thanks for the visit.

    - Thanks, Mental P Mama. I hope you'll visit often.

    - Thanks, Linda. And I'm happy to oblige. :)

    - Thanks, Leah. There's lots more to come. (Eventually....)

    - Glad to have you aboard, Pauline. :)

    - Thanks, missing moments.

    - Thanks, Daryl. I'm sure you could shoulder that lens. It's no heavier than a boat anchor. ;)

    - Yeah, Ellen. When people see us coming, they quickly don large floppy hats and sunglasses. :)

    - Thanks, LadyFi. Glad you liked.

    - Thank you, Reb. I appreciate your faith and hope I don't disappoint. :)

    - You're very kind, messymimi.

    - Thanks, Country Girl. I know you're no slouch with a lens. :)

    - I'm pleased it did, Jinksy. And thank you once again for emailing the product of your inspiration. :)

    - Thanks, Dianne. You're always very supportive. Don't ever change. ;)

    Thank you all for taking the time to visit and comment. Thanks Hil, for shining a light. :)