Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mostly Bugs

I'm still working on processing photos I took in the summer, so you can expect to see out-of-season shots in this corner of the internet for quite some time. Without a whole lot of further comment, here's a few from July/August.

No idea what this fellow is but he was nifty looking.

Again, I'm clueless about the identity of our next subject. The focus could be better but I like the iridescence of the wings.

This one I know! It's a bumblebee!

And next up: a green bottle fly on a rose stem.

This wasp was gathering minute bits of wood for nest repair.

I walked around the pond at Hil's one day and happily chanced upon a Swallowtail butterfly. Even more happily, it stayed within range for a moment and let me take a couple of shots.

Enough with bugs? Okay. We'll wrap up with a few birdies.

Here's our own Lucy. I like the background pattern of the bars of her cage.

On another amble around Hil's pond, I came across a rare sight indeed: a female mallard doing yoga.

I mentioned iridescence earlier. Here's another fine example from Mr. Grackle.

Ever seen a bird with fur? Me neither. But this one nibbling at the feeder is kinda cute.

That's it for today. Thanks for taking a peek. Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Good stuff, Frank. You make bugs pretty.

  2. Hi, Frank! Loved these photos. Keep 'em coming.
    Hope all is well with you, Hillary, the boys, life in general, etc.!
    Chicago Mary

  3. there are so many kinds of wasps and bees. all amazing creatures and you captured them so well. beautiful shots.

  4. Thanks, Frank.
    This post come through just after dinner. A pleasant dessert, indeed.

  5. You're getting great macro shots.. those bugs look so detailed. One would think you've had that lens forever but it was quite new in July. All these up close critters, and the only one that's ever bitten you is Lucy. Pretty pics .. one and all. :)

  6. The great thing about photography and checking out others' photos is that we all look for and see different things. Yes, there is still art in the click.

  7. Beauty abounds in each of your shots. Thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to seeing the results you've accumulated over the summer months and beyond.

  8. Very much enjoyed, you've given me an appreciation of the beauty of bugs. My Sweetie loves the yoga duck.

    Glad you will be posting summer pics in the colder weather -- it reminds me that the cold doesn't last forever.

  9. These are wonderful! Because of the drought, we didn't have many bugs this year and I actually missed photographing them! I still have pics from summer I need to look at, so don't feel alone that you're behind.

  10. You've really done a nice job with your captures of the six-legged critters, but I'm not fond of those little guys, no matter how pretty the picture. I did enjoy the swallowtail, the yoga duck, the grackle, and the chipmunk. And, of course, I love Lucy. :)

  11. Pretty nice lens you have there Frank. You are getting some wonderful photos with it.

  12. Yoga duck! That's incredible, Frank. :)

  13. Those creepy crawlers really are beautiful when you see them close up in detail!

  14. All are excellent photos, but the little furry critter is he winner for me. I look forward to seeing more.

  15. - Leah, I thank you, and the insects thank you. ;)

    - Thanks, Mary. Great to hear from you. I was starting to worry. :)

    - Thank you, Ellen. You're very kind.

    - Glad you enjoyed, Bruce. I think I heard the belch. ;)

    - Thanks, Hil. As you know, the macro is a work in progress but it's sweet when a couple of them turn out. :)

    - I agree, and hope you found a little of that here, AC.

    - Thanks, Daniel. There'll be more - by and by - Creator willing. :)

    - Yes messymimmi, that's part of my Master Plan: to make winter more enjoyable. ;)

    - Glad you liked, Barbara. Thanks for letting me know.

    - Linda, I'm glad you took the time and found a few you liked. :)

    - It/they are, Reb. I'm having a ball with them. :)

    - Charlie, my thought exactly!

    - I think so too, Elizabeth.

    - Thanks, Linda. More are on the way. :)

    Thanks, all, for taking the time to visit and drop and line.


  16. every shot is wonderful
    I really love the bottle fly
    and Lucy is such a pretty girl

  17. That last bird looks pretty chipper ;) Yoga duck did not open but the others were great shots. When one looks at bugs and birds closely, they are miracles of color and light. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Fantastic work, your photos are so beautifull!!!