Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back In God's Country

In my lexicon, "God's Country" means there's lots of trees, rocks and water -- which pretty much describes much of Canada. And it certainly describes the family cottage which has been part of the Baron domain since 1968.

Hilary and I were there earlier this summer and what follows is some of the photographic evidence.

If you're a regular at Hilary's blog, you're familiar with a certain brightly-coloured hammock my sister and her husband bought for cottage use. Over the years its colours have faded but Mother Nature rejuvenates it periodically. Rain has a way of super-saturating colours and when the sun re-emerges, the effect is often magical. (It rained a LOT on that particular visit.)

Here are two shots of the hammock which I particularly liked.

Most sunset photos taken at the cottage are loving homages to the Creator's palette - a riot of orange, red, yellow, purple and magenta. The one that follows is a little different. (I DID mention the rain....)

In between cloudbursts, we had a few visitors.

This fellow found something extremely nibble-worthy and didn't mind a bit if he had an audience.

One of these visits, I'm going to get a terrific shot of a hummingbird. Until then, this one will have to do.

This green-eyed mosquito hunter took a shine to Hilary's shoe.

And her jeans...

On grey days, the aluminum boat almost merges with the metallic sheen of water and sky. As a result, other colours stand out.

When the sun breaks through in late afternoon it brushes everything with gold.

We'll close this edition with a shot of Hilary demonstrating what cottage time means to many - relaxing with a good book.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual visit. Let's do it again sometime.