Friday, November 16, 2012

More Of The Same - Only Different

                                                                                                  "Hmmm...don't think I'm quite wet enough."

                                                                                                                         "This oughtta' do it."

                                                                                                     "Ah,perfect...what are you lookin' at, Bub?"

Ever seen a juvenile cowbird? No? Never? Well, if you scroll down a smidge, you will.

Since I was a child, I was fascinated with the way ants tended to peony buds. They're attracted to a sweet resin put forth by the bud.

The posture and look of the cat below is that of a born hunter.

Below, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard pose nicely for an appreciative photographer.

I am always pleased to see young folks engaged in the fine art/science/pastime of fishing. I am especially pleased when the young folks are girls.

In the field near my house there are a couple of scrubby shrubs that only grow a foot or so above ground. They aren't much more than a scant hodgepodge of short twigs. But come summer, they produce lovely orange blossoms. Example below.

I'll wrap up this offering with a shot of a butterfly and some apple blossoms.

Thanks for taking the time to take a peek. Stay well.


  1. Ahhh a warm blast of summer. Love the ants on the peony buds. And baby cowbird .. wet robin and the prowling kitty who I just saw on my walk, today. Very pretty. You should do this more often! :)

  2. That robin was giving you a rather dirty look, wasn't he? Guess he doesn't like to be photographed taking a bath.

    Ants can be so fascinating.

    Nice assortment.

  3. incredible photos Frank. The detail is so crisp.

  4. It's been a long time between posts, Frank, but this was worth the wait. Dry robins look cranky enough, but this wet one really has that look down pat. Baby cowbirds are actually kind of pretty, aren't they? The cat photo is wonderful. We have one that prowls our backyard that looks just like this one...same pose and everything. Great shot!

  5. A blast from the past... eh! Well not that long ago, but it will certainly feel that way once the snow settles in. You know Frank, whether or not it's the same or familiar characters, its all about the behaviour or lack there of. Catching them in some activity is what I think brings images to life.

    The ants at work is fascinating. The portrait of the ducks is special. The girls focused at the task at hand is sweet.

  6. - Well, Hil. I just might. Glad you liked. :)

    - Thanks, Mimi. And yep, that soppin' robin was definitely giving me the evil eye.

    - Thanks, Ellen. Good equipment sure helps. :)

    - Thank you much, Linda. You're always very kind. :)

    - Glad you liked, Daniel. Yeah, I like when nature and happenstance and luck combine to catch a being's personality. Whether it's in an expression, or an activity, if we're lucky, we catch a subject simply being him/her/itself. (Which, imo, is often a glimpse into the divine.)

  7. Love 'em, Frank, especially at the birdbath.

  8. Beautiful! The one with the Very Wet bird made me laugh. Good caption there! :) Thank you for sharing these. Love your photography.

  9. Hi Frank,

    I always wondered about the ants on peonies. Now I know! That bush with the orange flowers resembles a flowering quince. Again great pictures!

  10. - I'm glad, Leah. Thanks. :)

    - Thank you, Dawn. :)

    - And you, Linda. I appreciate you folks taking the time. :)

  11. Just lovely Frank. The Robin is very wet and rather disgusted with you for catching him at it :) The ants are very busy on those peonies.

  12. Oh wow. These are just outstanding. The robin in the birdbath...the ants...ahhh. Thanks!

  13. Thanks Reb. And you, Kerry. You're both very kind. :)