Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Stuff From Last Summer

Without further ado...

Okay, one more.


That oughtta' do it.

Now for some photos. (Regulars will surely note that the pictures are not uniform in size. Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, has changed the format and I am no longer able to alter the sizing.)

In the artsy-fartsy category: A leaf with water droplets.

Next up: A rarely photographed (because I rarely seem 'em) Green Heron.

Below, a young Jay waits for Mom or Dad to bring lunch. The slightly-drooping wings are a classic baby-bird begging posture. It's exaggerated when the parents are nearby. (Lucy, my parrot, does the same thing when she wants Dad to give her a peanut.)

Another young Jay tries to make some sense of the water fountain/bird bath.

A young grackle demonstrates that all children, feathered or non, can be a tad demanding.

A minute later, the parent left and Junior was forced to fend for himself (no doubt to Mom or Dad's relief). He doesn't look too happy about it, though.

Brace yourself for another in the artsy-fartsy department. This time, we see my favourite Tequila shot glass, backlit by a candle. No extra charge for the fingerprints.

Many people are surprised when they see what they think is some sort of largeish sparrow and are told it's a female redwing blackbird. They are very unlike the male. I think they're pretty, though. Below, one prepares to sip from the fountain.

I hope the young duckling below lived to grow into those feet.

Since I was a kid, I've loved frogs. I'm awestruck by any critter that is at home in different environments and their metamorphosis is as marvelous as that of a butterfly. I stalked the bullfrog below very carefully for quite some time before I was able to get the shot I wanted. And if I do say so myself, it's a beauty.

That'll do for this round. Thanks to all who come to take a peek.


  1. I took a peak and was impressed with your photos, very well done.

  2. They're all wonderful, especially the disgruntled young grackle, the begging young bluejay, the neither black nor red-winged female red-winged blackbird, the sweet little big-footed duckling, and the elusive bullfrog. Nicely done.

  3. Gorgeous pics, Frank. I have a soft spot for frogs. I love 'em and I hardly get to see any.

  4. Nice to see all of these again. They are certainly among your best.. for now. ;)

  5. Yes, they are beauties! The frog looks like he's waiting for his kiss.

  6. FABulous photos. (think i will pass on kissing the frog......however, blowing a smooch to the Bennster!!)

  7. - Forest, thanks much. :)

    - Linda, you're always gracious and kind - telltale marks of a person with a good heart. Thank you. :)

    - Thanks, Leah. Not many frogs in Alberta? Are they just not native? Or maybe the winters are a tad harsh.

    - Let's hope there's quite a few more to come, Hil. :)

    - Mimi, I tried to deliver that kiss with the portrait. :)

    - Ben won't turn it down, Gayle. Thanks for the kind words.

    Thanks all, for taking the time out of your busy days to stop by.

  8. Love the pics, Frank! I always thought herons had those giraffe-like necks. Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. All lovely as usual, Frank. I especially loved the green heron. I have never seen one, not even a picture. Thanks!!

  10. - Thanks, Dawn. The Great Blue is the only truly long-necked herons, at least in these parts. Both the Night and Green herons have shorter necks and legs. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    - Thank YOU, Linda. :)

  11. Who knew that a female red winged blackbird looked like that! I love coming here and learning cool stuff. (And looking at cool frogs.)

  12. Pauline, I love that you love coming here and checking out my sporadic posts. Bless you. And frogs are indeed majorly cool. :)

  13. Those grackle photos are hilarious! I wish I was good at making up captions. :)

  14. Cool collection! I especially like the froggy.

  15. Glad you liked, Elizabeth.

    Ditto, Daniel.

    Thanks both, for taking the time.

  16. somehow I missed these wonderful photos of the birds.

  17. Better late than never, Ellen. Thanks for dropping by. :)