Monday, July 8, 2013

More In The Beasts & Birds Department

Yes, I got around to processing more shots from last summer/fall. Only took a few months. Hope you think the wait was worth it.

You might ask yourself - "What does a clever Bluejay do with a peanut when he's too darn full to eat another bite?"

Or you might not. But let's pretend you did.

Here's the jay with the pilfered nut.

In the next yard over from mine is a thick, bushy tree. Mr. Jay flew to it like he knew what he was doing.

Now, to tuck it in, like so.

And let's just hope nobody (except that human) noticed.

I like the shot of the grey squirrel below because I think it illustrates their curiosity and intelligence. Plus, he's cute.

A juvenile Night Heron posed nicely for me on a fence near Hilary's place.

One evening, as Hilary and I walked around the pond near her house, we heard a rustling in a tree above us. You'll note the night-time bandit has not missed too many meals.

I've taken hundreds of photos of chipmunks. I hope to take hundreds more. They are charming, totally irresistible little rascals. I captioned the shot below as "What to do? What to do?"

The female grey squirrel below picked up a peanut and then sat still for a couple of moments, seemingly lost in thought.

I've probably taken nearly as many pics of Mourning Doves as I have of chipmunks. Their tiny heads, robotic movements and shimmering beauty fascinate me.

Milkweed pods are also a favourite subject, whether the seeds are still embedded, as below:

Or after they've poofed.

Finally, a pic of a lonely leaf in autumn.

Thanks kindly for your time and attention. See you next time.


  1. Next up.. winter?

    You SO need to do this more often. Don't deprive us.

  2. I was going to say, Hilary. When are we going to see *this* summer's pics? Sometime in 2015? :D

  3. These are all so perfect, Frank. I enjoyed the sequence with the jay and his peanut. The two grey squirrel photos are just stunning. I especially liked the one with the peanut, with the way her tail fluffed up behind her. Your grey squirrels seem to be much larger than ours. Both of the pictures of the milkweed pods are equally stunning in their own way, but I think I am more drawn to the photo of the silky ones. Just a great set of images. I agree with do need to do this more often.

  4. Great pics, Frank. Love the sequence with the Blue Jay. Very funny! Thank you for posting.

  5. Gorgeous pics, Frank. Chipmunks are adorable.

  6. You caught that chipmunk (and the others) perfectly. Right now, with you so busy moving and all, i know i may have to wait a while for more, but try not to make it too long, okay?

  7. Lovely photos! There are things in life that you just can't see too much of - pictures of nature and animals of all sort are among those things. Thank you for letting us share your "findings". Hope to see more soon :-)

  8. - Hil, I bet you say that to all the guys who give you back rubs. (But thanks.) ;)

    - Ruth! Don't be rushing me now! ;)

    - Linda, bless you. Once again, you are very nearly TOO kind. (Keep trying.) ;)

    - Thank YOU, Dawn. :)

    - Thanks, Leah. They are, indeed.

    - I'll try, mimi. Thanks.

    - Thank you, garntrassel. :)

    Thanks all for taking the time.

  9. Just one of life's joys, Frank....your photos and captions.
    TY for sharing your gift with us.
    Mama squirrel is so precious.
    All refreshing and delightful!

  10. I really enjoyed all of these. Most particularly the first squirrel - he really is cute, and the night heron. As always, thanks for sharing your talents.

  11. Wish you'd publish a coffee table book of all your nature photos (with captions!). It would have a place of honor in my cottage.

  12. - Thank you, Gayle. You're very kind. :)

    - And thank you, Linda, for taking the time to visit and pass along your thoughts. :)

    - Hmmm...Pauline. Food for thought. Maybe one of these days. :)

  13. Gems glimmer indefinitely and the time between your posts feels that way too. ;-)

    Great pics; I particularly like the indecisive Chippy.

  14. Nice pics. You have a talent. I write about animals and other things. Please check out the greatest blog ever:

  15. Daniel, thank you. So sorry for the delayed response.

    Thanks, Timothy. I'll take a gander.

    And thank you, Julie. I appreciate it.

  16. A wonderful set of photos, Frank. My favourites are the lost-in-thought squirrel, Mourning Dove and poofed Milkweed, they look so much prominent to me! :)

  17. Fabulous pictures. I do love your selection of lighting, always so dramatic.

  18. These are great. What a lovely area to live.